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Air Conditioning Services Lagrange GA

AC Installation

Cofield / Airforce partners with Bryant Heating & Cooling to provide our valued customers more cooling power for the money spent on electricity.

Air Conditioning Services Lagrange GA

AC Repairs

AC repair services in West GA + East AL and surrounding areas. We know how to fix your AC system correctly the first time so you can be cool again quickly.

Air Conditioning Services Lagrange GA

AC Replacement

Our AC maintenance can help to determine whether your existing system can still achieve consistent, comfortable temperatures in all areas of your home or business.

Air Conditioning Services Lagrange GA

Heating Installation

We pledge to select equipment for your home that is not only energy efficient and environmentally friendly, but easy to operate.

Air Conditioning Services Lagrange GA

Heating Repair

Our experienced technicians handle performance issues quickly, efficiently, and with robust solutions that resist repeat problems.

Air Conditioning Services Lagrange GA

Attic Insulation

Our blown-in fiberglass insulation is easy to install without ripping out walls or floorboards. and lowers your costs by slowing external heat transfer.

Air Conditioning Services Lagrange GA

Duct Modification

Our proven air duct modification and improvement process can increase the efficiency of your home’s air distribution by up to 80%, meaning lower costs and increased comfort for your home.

Air Conditioning Services Lagrange GA

Duct Cleaning

Professionally cleaning your systems ventilation system reduces dust and allergens that you breathe. Removing the build up of dirt and blockages in your ductwork also improves airflow to increase efficiency.

Air Conditioning Services Lagrange GA

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Encapsulating crawl spaces is a great solution for avoiding indoor moisture issues. Adding a vapor barrier will increase your indoor air quality and make energy improvements inside your home.

Commercial HVAC Lagrange GA

Commercial HVAC

We offer a full line of products and services to ensure precise temperature control, superior air quality, and overall facility efficiency.

The direct purpose of commercial HVAC systems is to protect the people working inside the building with clean, conditioned air, so they will have a comfortable and safe work environment. This air is filtered and odor-free, and the temperature, humidity, and movement of the air will be maintained within ideal ranges.  Through skilled and accurate installation, we promote system longevity and reliability.  Our regular annual maintenance includes comprehensive cleaning, adjustment, and safety checks of your system to keep your heating and cooling in peak condition and operating at full capacity.

  • 24/7 commercial services
  • Ensure safe, efficient and reliable operation
  • Prevent unexpected repairs and reduce downtime

New Construction

Whether you’re building a new home or business, relocating, remodeling, or just adding on, we will save you time and money.

No matter what type of project you have, we will design a custom energy-efficient system that will provide excellent air quality and comfort.  If you are still making plans for a build, or have already finished construction, get in touch with our team today and we’ll find the optimal heating and cooling solution for your home or office.

  • Planning, installation and inspection
  • Options to fit any budget
  • Ensure energy efficiency
New HVAC Construction Lagrange GA
HVAC Service Agreements Lagrange GA

Cofield / Airforce Maintenance Agreements

Pre-scheduled maintenance can help you save energy and money, so you can stay comfortable all year.

Avoid issues with a Cofield / Airforce Maintenance Plan. Our technicians will schedule your service appointment before peak energy usage periods.  Through proactive service, our team of licensed technicians will eliminate the majority of potential repairs, reducing downtime and saving on operational costs.

  • 2 Maintenance Service Calls per year (1 Spring / Summer – 1 Fall / Winter)
  • 10% Discount on Repairs
  • No After Hours or Overtime Fees for Emergency Repairs
  • Guaranteed Same Day Service


Have your new system installed today and then pay with simple monthly payments that may be partially offset by the energy savings from upgrading to a more energy efficient system.

For example, a 20 SEER replacement for a 10 SEER system could be expected to save $69 a month in energy savings from usage. With the right financing package, your system could be more affordable than you ever imagined. You’ll also benefit from the improved reliability and reduced repair costs of a new system. Consider programmable thermostat controls for the ultimate home comfort.

Get in touch with our team today to discover the financing options available for your new air conditioning system. The entire approval process only takes about 10 minutes, so what are you waiting for? Let us help you lower your energy bills today!

How to decide between new HVAC system quotes

There are a lot of options when it comes to heating and cooling systems, but choosing is made easy by answering a few simple questions.

What system is right for me?

There are many configurations of HVAC systems, but the basics for heating include heat pumps and forced-air furnaces, as well as central cooling systems and heat pumps for cooling. Our team is happy to explain the differences and help find the optimal system for your application.

What HVAC add-ons do I need?

Add ons are a personal preference, and include things like air cleaners, UV lamps, and humidifiers.  Our team can walk you through your options if you’d like to learn more about available add ons.

How much will it cost?

We can work up a free quote based on a few simple questions, like what is your current setup and what size system will you need.  Click “Book Now” to let our team walk you through the process.

What size HVAC system do I need?

You can get a rough estimate by looking at the square footage of your house, then use a general guideline chart to calculate the BTU’s needed for your system.

What is better: straight cool or heat pump?

Although each is a method of heating, heat pumps differ from straight cool systems. Heat pumps provide a cooling cycle during the colder winter months and absorb heat from the outdoors and bring it inside. Straight cool systems on the other hand only include one cooling cycle but can include electric strip heating.

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